Whether you go for a creamy delicious sauce or a spicy tomato one – it will work.
Fabbrura's Turmeric Penne Artisan Pasta
Girl in a durum wheat field

source of protein

Each portion (100g) contains 14g of protein. It’s a 28% of recommended daily intake based on a 2000 calories a day diet.

Turmeric Penne

migthy turmeric

This powerful thing from Asia aids in digestion and helps with inflammation.

Fabbrura's Turmeric Penne Rough Texture

hard textured

Extruded through bronze dies our pasta has a  hard-textured surface so it bonds perfectly with every sauce you can imagine.


No artificial flavors, preservatives or gums. Just durum wheat semolina, water, and turmeric powder. That’s all.


Contains wheat and wheat gluten.

Nutritional highlights

Portion size – 100g (4 portions per packaging)

Calories – 355kCal per portion

Carbohydrates – 69.8g per portion

Proteins – 14.0g per portion