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Fast, nutritious & delicious - our artisan pasta is the ultimate fast food.

Fabbrura's Chilli Rigatoni Artisan Pasta


Premium Selection

Cultivated in Italy, Austria, and Hungary, our semolina is Europe’s premium selection with protein content of 14%.

Premium Quality Durum Wheat Icon

"Good enough" selection

Their choice is semolina with lower protein content and final pasta is artificially hardened using high temperatures during drying.

Rough Surface

Using bronze dies our pasta has a hard-textured surface so it bonds perfectly with every sauce you can imagine.

Bronze dies icon

Slippery Surface

Teflon dies give slippery surface which looks extruded plastic. Pasta with that surface texture screams “I’m made on Teflon”

Dried Gently

Temperatures below 45°C ensures all the natural nutrients are preserved and gives better sauce-absorption after cooking.

Dried at low Temperature Icon

Almost Roasted

After “roasting” at temperatures above 90°C natural structure of ingredients is changed forever. High temperatures make pasta dark yellow.